The Art of
A Lily Among Thorns

The world of the 17th century was brought to life for a series of illustrations that would accompany the text.
Author Darren Bonaparte took photographs of modern Rotinonhsón:ni people dressed
 in the type of clothing that would have been worn by their counterparts three hundred years ago. 
The resulting photographs became the basis for pen-and-ink illustrations
by R. Kakwirakeron Montour, cartoonist for The Eastern Door newspaper.
Here is a sample of the photographs and the art they inspired.

Kahawinetha Thompson       Young Kateri

Kahawinetha Thompson
Káteri Tekahkwí:tha

Kim Terrance       Kateri's Sister

Kim Terrance
Akohtsia (Kateri’s Sister)

Teioswathe Cook      Wari Teres

Teioswathe Cook
Wari Teres Tekaien’kwénhtha

Bobby Padlayat      Atahsà:ta

Bobby Padlayat

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