Copyright 1993 by Brad Bonaparte
Land Where the Partridge Drums
A History of the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation

Written and Illustrated by Darren Bonaparte
Additional Illustrations by Brad Bonaparte

Copyright 1993 by Brad Bonaparte

Originally published by Indian Time in the Fall of 1993

These PDFs were scanned, created, and posted on the internet by the Northern New York Library Network.
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Please note: some graphics and text did not survive the scanning process.

Copyright 1993 by Darren Bonaparte

From the Land of Flint to the Land Where the Partridge Drums

The Migration from the Mohawk Valley to Kahnawake and Akwesasne
November 12, 1993
1  2

The Mohawk Migration to Akwesasne

November 19, 1993
1  2

Akwesasne and the American Revolution
November 29, 1993

Treaties of Contention
December 3, 1993
1  2  3

In the Shadow of Serpents
Trials and Tribulations of the Early 1800's
December 10, 1993
1  2  3

The King Without a Crown
December 17, 1993

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