About Darren Bonaparte

What about Darren Bonaparte? It’s all about the history, man! Who cares who single-handedly researched, wrote, and published it? The important thing is the story, not the storyteller. It’s really of no consequence that I have been a radio DJ, newspaper editor, cartoonist, public relations officer, museum coordinator, archival researcher, and even Indian chief. What matters is that our people’s story can be told! Let us not waste any time reflecting on the fact that I have been published by Indian Country Today, Native Americas, Aboriginal Voices, and Winds of Change. Does it really benefit anyone to know that I have been a historical consultant for the PBS miniseries The War That Made America, Champlain: The Lake Between, and The Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America? And let’s be honest: who cares that I had a three-second speaking part as a Mohawk chief in the Discovery Channel documentary, First Nations: The Iroquois? Nobody, I can assure you. And let us disregard entirely that I was the narrator for the Orchestra of Northern New York’s 2011 performance of Alton Clingan’s Circle of Faith – The Words of Chief Seattle. Similarly, pay no heed to the fact that I was the narrator for the 2013 performance of Augusta Cecconi-Bates’ opera, Molly of the Mohawks.

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