The Atotarho Belt

To you Atotarho, the Onondaga cousin Lords, I and the other Confederate Lords have entrusted the caretaking and the watching of the Five Nations Council Fire.

When there is any business to be transacted and the Confederate Council is not in session, a messenger shall be dispatched either to Atotarho, Hononwierentonh or Skanawatih, Fire Keepers, or to their War Chiefs with a full statement of the case desired to be considered.  Then shall Atotarho call his cousin (associate) Lords together and consider whether or not the case is of sufficient importance to demand the attention of the Confederate Council.  If so, Atotarho shall dispatch messengers to summon all the Confederate Lords to assemble beneath the Tree of the Long Leaves.

When the Lords are assembled the Council Fire shall be kindled, but not with chestnut wood, and Atotarhoh shall formally open the Council.

Then shall Atodarto and his cousin Lords, the Fire Keepers, announce the subject for discussion.

The Smoke of the Confederate Council Fire shall ever ascend and pierce the sky so that other nations who may be allies may see the Council Fire of the Great Peace.

Atotarho and his cousin Lords are entrusted with the Keeping of the Council Fire.

You, Atotarho, and your thirteen cousin Lords, shall faithfully keep the space about the Council Fire clean and you shall allow neither dust nor dirt to accumulate.  I lay a Long Wing before you as a broom.  As a weapon against a crawling creature I lay a staff with you so that you may thrust it away from the Council Fire.  If you fail to cast it out then call the rest of the United Lords to your aid.

The Constitution of the Five Nations
by Seth Newhouse

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